Video Clips with Venus Black

Sexy underwater strip with skimpy lingerie that gives you a clear view!

Get ready for a long festival weekend!
Makes you feel floating!

An irresistible offer for all travel-loving photographers serching for more adventurous locations.

The resident photographer Haramis Kalfar and Photo-Model Venus Black will take you to the most fantastic photo locations of the sunny island Gran Canaria.

Venus Black in competition with four competitors in the German TV show "Taff". The winner at the end is the best self-assessment.



Venus Black in outdoor nude shoot in the wild.
With Photographer RCR she is traveling up steep cliffs, through cool waterfalls and flowering meadows.


A small clip from the nude underwater shoot with Atelier4Foto.

Venus Black as  the fallen "Blue Angel", naked and smeared with oil in dramatic poses.
An indication of the fatal consequences of energy production of oil and nuclear power.


Venus Black as a bodypainting model for Haramis Kalfar in a bodypainting contest for Las Palmas carnival in Gran Canaria.


Venus Black as a model in the "Crazy photo shoot" from the aftershow party of Fixie inc. Unrestrained, it leads the participants of the cycling race in all sorts of crazy designs before the camera.


Retro promotional video with erotic model for legendary GDR Motorcycle  MZ ETZ 250 A